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    Hex representation of numeric field values in exported bookmarks...

    Jose Diaz



      If the XML format, tag semantics and encoding of the tag values of Bookmark files (*.BM.xml) is documented somewhere, please point me to it, so that I can look up the answers for the questions bellow by myself.  Otherwise, please take a look at the fragment of XML shown bellow, which has been extracted from a  bookmark file generated using QV 12.0 SR4:


































      In another section of the file there is also another interesting fragment:









      I think this corresponds to the "Show" flag in the Bookmark menu, but through the QV UI one can only set a flag, not enter an expression as it seems possible here.


      So, can someone tell me:

      1. What is the encoding used in the numeric hex field values above - in this case 402E000000000000, 4030000000000000 and FE37E43C8800759C?;
      2. What is the meaning of the RangeLo and RangeHi tags and what might be the reason why in this case both have the same value - FE37E43C8800759C?; and,
      3. What is intended use of the <Show> tag and where in the QV UI could one enter an expression for it?


      Thanks in advance.





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            Jose Diaz

            Hi Marcus!


            Thanks for your reply.


            Unfortunately num(num#('<hex_string>','(HEX)')) doesn't seem to work for this particular case.


            For instance, if one does an exercise of loading the digits 0-15 into a field and then selects the value of '1', bookmarks that selection and exports it; the hex value of 1 in that field represented in the Bookmark file will be 3FF0000000000000. If one then tries to get the decimal representation of that number using num(num#('3FF0000000000000','(HEX)')) the result is 4.61 e+018. I have bookmarked the other values in the field as well, but the hex values resulting of bookmarking and exporting the rest of these values are not helping me deduct a pattern.

            Perhaps the hex format used to denote the field values in the Bookmarks files are not straight integers or decimals represented as hex, or BCDs, but an encoded value that must have some info in there of where in the bit sequence one should begin looking for the bits corresponding to the actual value.

            I need to do this because I am trying to recover the values selected for a field in an old bookmark.