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    Excel Custom Format [H]:MM, Can this work in Qlik Sense, if not how do you work around it

    mathew westwood

      Hi All,


      I've looked but could not find a answer to my questions.


      Excel allows the user to deal with time very affectively; currently I use what they call a custom format, [H]:MM this allow hours to go over 24 and keep minutes as base 60 .


      Is there a Qlik Sense time format, custom or otherwise that allows this? if not how would you arrive at the same point.


      The requirement is to show hours and minutes time spent training, the raw data is given in [H]:MM format. The output must in the same type of format.


           I need to do calculations on these figures to show the total time spent on training per dept. and the time spent per staff in the depts.      and create staff groups and report these also


           In Excel, pivot tables allow me to quickly calculate this, after noting the field data for time spent as [H]:MM, excel total this      correctly (breaking the 24 digit hour limit), I then create a calculated field which I divides the time spent field in [H]:MM by the Staff      No. field.


      I would like to put this into Qlik Sense, as dealing the with underlying Data would be a lot better, as would the reporting look more professional etc. etc.