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    Qlik Sense session solution for authentication



      We have a portal which has qlik contents embedded inside. We were using SSO (SAML) authentication till now and it was all working great. Now we are trying to remove SSO and allow Qlik to use the session created at our portal. User will land to our portal and gets authenticated, a user session is created at our portal.


      I am following the session solution mentioned here




      After user gets authenticated I call Proxy API to add user session is qlik by passing the session Id

      /qps/{virtual proxy/}session

      after setting additional session cookie (configured via qmc) with same value as session id. With this the user session gets created in qlik.

      Now I am not able to understand what authentication mechanism I should set for the virtual proxy in QMC. I can see only


      Header authentication static user directory

      Header authentication dynamic user directory


      Any help