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    applymap does not work?

    Christian Schmitz

      Hi all,


      I want to replace the short month names, e.g. Jan with the full version, e.g January.


      For this purpose I tried to use applymap, but it does not work - why? Could you help me?


      Mapping LOAD * INLINE [

      Date of Entry Month, Date of Entry Month long

      Jan, January

      Feb, February

      Mar, March

      Apr, April

      May, May

      Jun, June

      Jul, July

      Aug, August

      Sep, September

      Oct, October

      Nov, November

      Dec, December]






      LOAD *, applyMap('MonthMapping',[Date of Entry Month], 'N/A') as [Date of Entry Month long]; // preceding load
      left(num(TempDate),5) as [Date of entry], // just Day, Month and Year indication
        date#(TempDate,'MM/DD/YYYY') as [Date of entry Date],
      year(TempDate) as [Date of Entry Year],
      month(TempDate) as [Date of Entry Month],
      num(month(TempDate)) as [Date of Entry Month num],
      weekyear(TempDate) as [Date of Entry CW],
      day(TempDate) as [Date of Entry Day]
      RESIDENT TempCal;


      Just N/A comes out, which shows me that there is no match. If I don't fill out the third parameter at my applymap, the original text remains, e.g. Jan, Feb... and not the long version as I wish.