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    NPrinting 17 recipient filter issue for different Apps

    Keshavarthan Selvarajan

      Hi together,


      i have the following issue in NPrinting 17. I created an App and a connection to a Qlikview Application. I also imported the recipients from the Application to filter on them and to send an E-Mail to each recipient. Now I have the following question.


      If I have more than 1 App with different Qlikview Applications, how can i handle the recipients, when they have different filters for each App/Connection?


      When i am right, the recipients should be imported only once, but does NPrinting 17 know, which filter is for which App or Connection?

      I know there is a column in the Excel template with App and connection, but how can I say, that one Recipient has different filters for different Apps?


      In Nprinting 16, it was possible to create .nsq files with different settings. But I don´t know how to handle this issue in NPrinting 17.


      Thanks for your answers.