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    Scheduled Backup for Qlik Sense Apps

    Ahmed Syed

      Though we can export the apps as a one time method. Is there a way to automate the apps backup.

      Also is there a way in Qlik Sense to migrate the apps from one environment to another OR there is a third Party tool recommended by Qlik move the apps.

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          Kevin Case



          After loosing one of our main applications to corruption, I implemented RSM (Repository Snapshot Manager).  This is much more than backing up the applications.  It backups all you configuration settings, certificates, logs, scripts, etc.  It can be used to restore your environment after a complete loss or you can restore one application or file if need be.  It's very easy to configure and use.  I currently keep a rolling 5 day backup just for safe keeping.  You can find it in Qlik Help.


          As for application migration, I am assuming that you have two separate installations of Qlik.  One development and one test.  There is a tool on GitHub that may be useful.  I have not installed nor used it but it looks promising.  I believe that it allows for you to export from one installation and import to another installation.  This may be what you are looking for.

          GitHub - eapowertools/QlikSenseQMCUtility: A collection of management console utilities for use with Qlik Sense.


          If you installation is a multi node installation.  This can be accomplished using Sync Rules.


          Hope this helps.