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    Dimensions Missing Elements in QlikView Publisher

    Steve Settle

      We use QlikView 11.20.12235.0.  We have a persistent issue with the web publisher losing elements in various dimensions.  The frequency of this is every 1 to 5 months.  For example, we have a region dimension with "East", "West", "Central" as elements.  Periodically one or more elements will disappear so that the only element that remains may be "East".  This occurs on other dimensions as well.  Clearing the dashboard will not help since the elements are not inactive -- they no longer exist.  Reloading the dashboard does not restore the missing elements, either.  If you open the dashboard in personal edition, the dimension has all the proper elements.  Rebooting the publisher restores the dimension on the web view, and the dashboards functions properly for months.  Of our many dashboards, it manifests on just one.  This dashboard is our only one utilizing section access. 


      Any ideas what could be causing this?  Thanks