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      I am using qlikview professional version. I want to build a map in one of the reports. Please provide steps to create a map of india.

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          You can have a look at GeoQlik (www.geoqlik.com) which adds maps objects to QlikView documents.

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            Patric Nordström


            If you want you could try out Idevio Maps, it's a fast, interactive way to use maps within Qlikview. Main benefits are:


            • Fast map with dynamic zoom and pan.
            • Client side rendering, handles thousands of objects with ease.
            • Plug and play, easy to setup and configure.
            • Extendable, the extension serves as a starting point.
            • World coverage, street level for many areas.
            • Secure, own hosting possible.


            Idevio Maps are available to Qlikview 10 as an extension object.


            Visit www.idevio.com/demo for more info and demo (logon on with demo demo).

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              Dennis Hoogenboom

              Take a look at this page:




              I would suggust to take a look at :


              Google%20Maps%20in%20QlikView.qvw (547.8 K)


              From Kaushik.solanki  post.

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                Hi All,


                GIS/Maps Analytics in QlikView is a very interesting topic indeed.


                QlikView customers and channel partners are interested in displaying their QlikView KPI indicators on Geographic maps but also sometimes on a Building Plan (ex: logistic warehouse, supermarket, hospital, etc).


                Business Geografic has developed a mapping extension for QlikView (V9, V10, V11) namely "GeoQlik" and we have been a Technology Partner of QlikTech since 2006 starting with QlikView 8!


                I hereby suggest you to have a look at our new mapping extension for QlikView 11 "SR1": GeoQlik v11.6.



                Please find hereafter a few screenshots of GeoQlik V11.6 using WMS/TMS services to display QlikView KPIs:






                Thanks and best regards,



                @ Business Geografic