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    QlikView 12.1 Performance

    Trey Smithq

      Is anyone else having issues with QV Desktop 12.1 SR1? The application keeps hanging. This is with a 12 core processor with 90+ GB ram on applications that are 200mb. I upgraded from 11.2 SR13 to this latest release and it seems pretty buggy.


      It usually hangs when opening an application, starting a reload or opening table viewer/script editor for the first time. Granted a lot of the other things seem way faster.



      PS. I don't have an issue with the server application, just the desktop.

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          Adam Barrie-Smith

          We have some Apps that are slow to reload in 12.0 vs 11.2 but I haven't seen a hang on open.  We were doing both Desktop and Server.


          We want to move to 12.1 so I hope someone has input.  When QlikView hangs, what does your TaskManager show?

          Is there a 1 core spin?

          Is it flat ie no activity?

          or Is there multi-threading?


          If you look at the process is the RAM moving or CPU usage moving?


          All the best, Adam