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    Suppress Row Display where One Expression has Nil Value but other Expressions have values

    Joe Kirwan

      I have 2 tables. One contains sales transaction data. The other contains customer details. The customer table contains customers with no sales activity. However, I have to load customer details for all customers.

      I have a straight table that analyses sales data per customer, with columns for expressions showing total sales, % of total sales, average sales, number of sales and max sales. For customers with no sales activity, these are zero values. I have checked the Suppress Zero Value. The rows still display, probably for the following reason:

      The table also contains a mumber of columns for accumulated expressions eg cuulative sales; cumulated 5 of sales. As these are cumulative values, there are values in these columns even for customers who have no values in the other columns referred to above.

      Does the existence of these accumulated columns disable the Suppress Zero Values? Can anyone tell me how to get around this.


      Joe Qlikview newbie / Personal Edition user