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    Multibox selection

      A particular selection in Multibox has huge list of values.On clicking the field the selection list displays as a seperate entity at the bottom of the page. In Multibox Properties > Presentation, though the Limit drop down to value has been set to 10, all the values are displayed.

      Looking forward for solution.


        • Multibox selection


          Thats how it works. I mean to say when you limit the values to 5 or 10, then you see only those when clicked on the drop down, however you will see the scrollbars to select values above this limit. If you dont want something to show in the dropdown at all then just delete them at the data level, but I dont think you will be able to delete the rest of the data from the table which is displayed in the Multibox.


          • Multibox selection

            Please find attached the snapshot.

            On clicking the Visit Number field in the Multibox, the selection drop down displays as a separate unit at the bottom of the page rather than in the same page.