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    App saving time in Qlik Sense

    Takeru Ono

      Hi everyone,


      I created an app in Qlik Sense Desktop for evaluating its loading speed. It has about 4 million records and only one simple line chart to visualize the records. The file size of qvf is just 120MB.

      When I load the script, it takes 20-25 seconds to save app (from "Saving app.." to "App saved"). Is this normal speed in Qlik Sense? Is there any tips to shorten saving time?

      I expect that it takes just 4 or 5 seconds for the file size.


      Details of the computer:

      Windows 7 Pro 64bit / Service Pack 1

      CPU: Intel Core i5-2430M  @ 2.4-3.0 GHz ( 2 core, 4 threads ) with 8GB of RAM

      HDD: ST9500423AS( 7200 rpm, 16MB cache )


      Yes I know, it is a old laptop. but I guess it's not a big bottleneck because when I checked CPU and Disk usage in performance monitor while saving, both are just about 40-50%.

      I found some threads about app saving time in QlikView Forums but no Qlik Sense thread. Any advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance.

      Takeru Ono