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    Importing SQL data into QLIKVIEW SERVER...

    laxman V

      Hello Everyone,

      i have a requirement to import the MySQl data into qlikview server, can any one please let me the way to process it.


      thanks in advance.

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          Rahul Pawar

          Hello Laxman,


          Please refer blow points:


          1. First, add/install the mySQL ODBC driver to create a new mySQL ODBC connection (MySQL :: Download Connector/ODBC).

          2. Perform the settings for the ODBC connection (you can use an IP address for the database server)

          3. Access the ODBC connection in the Script dialog in Qlikview as per any other live data source

          4. Once everything is in place then Load the data in Qlik app and get started.


          Hope this will be of help.