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    Is there any way of linking one Qlik Sense app to another?

    Richard Bartley

      Hello all,


      We are currently looking at the best strategy for developing an app or multiple apps to cover a wide variety of business sectors and focus areas.  Ideally we would like our users to be able to access all the data and all master items in one location in case they would like to combine the data in a single visualization.  However, because Qlik Sense does not provide a way of separating out master items, e.g. in folders, to group compatible items together, it seems that we would need to either prefix the master item names with the sector name or focus area name so that  they would be grouped alphabetically or tag them appropriately, which then relies on the users searching for them from the master item list.  Neither of these options is optimal.


      An alternative approach would be to develop different apps for different sectors and focus areas, but this would lead to the creation of a large number of apps which would increase the administrative burden. 


      Does anyone have any advice on either grouping master items or an app strategy based on their own experience or ideas?


      Also, although I think I know the answer to this question, I'll ask it anyway.  Is it possible to link one app to another in the sense of being able to draw from a combined list of master items, visualizations and sheets?



      Thanks in advance,