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    Qlik Sense First 5 Dimensions/ 6th to 10th Dimension

    Johann Bauer

      Hi folks,


      i have a barchart which shows only 5 Dimension, in total i have more then 50 Dimension.

      I want to avoid the scrollbar in the barchart, so i set max amount of Dimension shown to 5.

      Now i want to use an Button extension which allows me to manipulate a Variable.

      On Click i want to change the 5 shown Dimension to the next 5.


      Another problem is that the amount of the dimension can fluctuate depending on the selection, so i need a solution which

      is not stuck to a fixed numeration of all Dimensions. The soulution should not affect the Load Script, all should be done in the Visualization.


      I hope my image will make my problem/Solution clearerbutton.png.