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    How you can set a dimension to always have one value selected?

    Glenn Kasten

      QlikView has the capability of setting a dimension to always have one and only one value selected.   This is the equivalent of setting a parameter.   How can you do this in Sense?


      An example of where this is required is when you have data in multiple currencies.   Suppose you have sales data where each transaction is in local currency, e.g. USD, Euros, Yen, etc.   You want to show the total sales.   It's not valid to add USD and Euros and Yen; instead they must be converted to a single currency using exchange rates and then added.  We need the ability for the user to specify the translation currency.  This specification should not filter the data, e.g., choosing USD shouldn't show only USD transactions, but must instead determine the exchange rates for each from/to combination.   The parameter always needs to be set to one currency so that the display of the totals is always valid.


      If Sense does not have the "always select one" option for a dimension, how do you address the example above?  At the moment I see this as a big gap in functionality.