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    DataMarket - Stock

    Paul Nowicki

      Does anyone have documentation on the data model for the Stock and Index data available on the DataMarket? I'm a current customer and would like to understand the back end tables so I can write my own ETLs.  The current wizard approach in Qlik Sense makes it very difficult to get this data out in an efficient way. 


      For example, when I select certain symbols from an exchange, the wizard writes the load script but I do not know the translation between the symbol or exchange name and the back end data.  In the script below, I'd like to see a definition of the fact table.  In this example I get data from "fact:536j" but not sure if I need to access different versions of that fact table for different exchanges, etc.




        [_dim_8wp9] AS key,


        [MEASURE=c] AS [Volume];





      FROM fact:536j

      WHERE '8wp9' = ''

        AND '8wpa' = 'c';

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          Michael Tarallo

          Hi Paul - let me see if abw can assist. @Adam?



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            Thorsteinn Gudmundsson


            I'm sorry to say that the current incarnation of the Qlik DataMarket connector does not allow for your to construct a meaningful request outside of the connector user interface.

            We are aware of the problem and work is underway in making process easier to go through. The new approach will also help you in making slight changes (f.x. add new equity) to your request and re-run it.