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    Re: QlikSense won't reload data

    Walter Cedeno

      Hi Michael,


      I was having a similar issue with Qlik Sense Desktop 3.1SR4. After creating a dashboard based on two CSV files I updated the data on one of the CSV files and proceeded to click “Load Data” in Data Manager. The application goes into infinite loop and never comes back. I closed the app and reloaded it to try to edit the table in question, but the same infinite loop issue occurs.


      In my case, the problem was caused by a new column in the data source. Removed the new column and problem got resolved. I wish there was some feedback from the app about the issue.


      Thanks for your help.




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          Thanks for sharing. I had a hunch that might be the case too.


          In my case, there were no new fields.





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            Michael Tarallo

            Hi Walter - let me look into this - I need to install SR 4 and I will let you know. If you do not hear back from me, reply to this  thread and I will be notified.



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              Kevin BertschAn

              I am also having trouble reloading data. This just started today; I'd had no problems before. I try to load from my QVD file, and I get the following error: (the error message says make a change in Visual Studio, but I've never used that in my life). Can anyone suggest a workaround?