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    Qlik Sense Export a table (.qvd) as it is to CSV by Click on Button (no reply from Qlik Community)

    Chaitanya Mopathi


      I have a table like this ( A QVD file). I want to see this as it is on CSV.

      Date                    Status              Bank            count

      01-05-2017        Active               Amex                   130

      01-05-2017        In-Active          Amex                   334

      01-05-2017        Active               Chase                  5345

      01-05-2017        Active               BOA                     45

      01-05-2017        In-Active          Wells                   342

      01-05-2017        Active               Citi                       730

      01-05-2017        In-Active          BOA                     320

      01-05-2017        In-Active          Citi                       30

      01-06-2017        Active               Amex                   3430

      01-06-2017        In-Active          Amex                   50

      01-06-2017        Active               Chase                  330

      01-06-2017        Active               BOA                     36

      01-06-2017        In-Active          Wells                   32

      01-05-2017        Active               Citi                       31

      I want to export this table as it is in CSV on a button click from dashboard. Is there any way that I can click a button or link on my dashboard, so that the table (QVD file) will  download as CSV File on my computer from browser.

      I tried creating Pivot table, normal table on dashboard ans exported but the data automatically doing aggregation by date as

      Date                    Status            Bank            count

      01-05-2017             -                -                  6130 (It is taking aggregate number and giving one record per day)

      01-06-2017              -               -                   4130

      It is not giving all records for that date. It is giving one record per day that is aggregated data.

      Simple requirement, I want to download my QVD table to CSV from Dashboard. I need whole raw data, not the data I plotted on Dashboard.

      Can any one help with this? Thank you.