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    Line Graph - not wanting to plot 0

    Richard Judkins

      Hey all


      This relates to Qlik Sense Server.


      So I have a function, sum(if(TRANS_YEAR = 2017, 1,0)).


      For a line graph, plotting the results over a 12 month period.


      Included on the graph are results for 2015 & 2016 (same function as above, just the year changes, obviously).


      Now, the issue I have is while 2015 and 2016 plots fine, because we are only in January for 2017 there is no data for the rest of year. So the function spits out 0.

      And while the chart option is available to show missing values as gaps, there's no such option to not plot 0's.


      So the line for 2017 drops to 0 from February onwards.


      It's probably quite a basic fix, but I'm new to Qlik Sense Server, so can't resolve it on my own. Any help greatly appreciated!