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    text font in charts

      How can I change the text format for a single expression in a table. I have a straigt table and calculate the revenue per company. Now I made an expression which evaluates to a 'k', 'm' of 'g'. With the correct font (Wingdings3 in this case) arrows will be shown. But I don't know how to change the font for just this expression to Wingdings3.

        • text font in charts


          Is it correct that you want to represent your data in three categories (K, M, G)?

          Instead of visualise these 3 categories with the Wingdings3 font, I suggest you try it with a gauge. Go to the Expressions tab and set the Representation (Display Options) to Linear Gauge. With the button Gauge Settings you can add a new third segment.

          Hope this suggestion helps.


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            Martina Brenner


            what about using the bundled images p.e. arrows in your expression and Representation: Image, you can even use if-then-else conditions.