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    Populating Blank fields in Load Script

    Joe Kirwan


      I am loading a table with the following fields




      I am getting blank DATE fields.

      In some cases, the one order will have a blank DATE field for one ITEMCODE, and a present DATE field for another ITEMCODE for that SORDREF.

      The DATE field for all line items within the SORDREF will, if present, be the same.

      I would like to modify my LOAD script so that in the event of a blank DATE field, it will check other line items for that SORDREF and return that date, or else it will return the date of the previous SORDREF record.

      Finally, my LOAD script which loads from a csv file, has a WHERE clause which ignores DATE fields < 31/12/2009. This may have the effect of excluding records with blank DATE from the LOAD. I'm not sure and would like any suggested solutions to address that.

      Have tried peek and previous, without sucess - may not be using correctly.