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    Count on value list

      Hi Qlik


      Thank you for helping.

      I have column called 'P' in one table.

      In another table i have column called 'reason'. I joined 2 tables by 2 keys: seriesID and StudyID (not in Load Editor).

      Now i want to count how many seriesID is in 'P' column and has 'FP' values in 'reason' column.


      My example is just on one coumn called 'P'. The data includes more colums that i need to count in (So my value list would be with more values).


      This is my expression:






      = 'P',



      However, the result i got is total count of 'FP' values in 'reason' column (Not just the count of 'P' matching the seriesID).

      Thank you for helping.