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    Qlik Sense 10+ concesuctive days gap

    Antonio Anjos

      Hi all,

           Let me get straight to it. I am loading the table below and I'm trying to identify when an ID has 10 or more consecutive null values across the 30 days.
      The table looks like this


      310956601/10/2016 00:0018899
      310956601/10/2016 01:0018903
      310956601/10/2016 02:0018905
      310956601/10/2016 03:0018911
      310956601/10/2016 04:0018930
      310956601/10/2016 05:0018935

      (Dont worry this is dummy data)


      So on the file attached i have 3 IDs with 24 values per day and 30 days of data. Im looking to get a result like this:





      I have tried all on my knowledge "For next" , "For each next" , "if's" etc.... I am about to say that this is impossible. (Or better done outside Qlik).

      So this is my call for help. Is this possible in QlikSense (either on script or set analysis) ?


      thanks for your time guys