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    objectType documentation

    Dominic Mander

      Can anyone provide complete documentation of the available resource.objectType condition filters along with their effects?


      I have found various objectType(s) littered throughout help.qlik.com:





      both list:

      • app_appscript
      • dimension
      • embeddedsnapshot
      • hiddenbookmark
      • masterobject
      • measure
      • sheet
      • snapshot
      • story
      • bookmark


      The default Stream security rule also mentions:

      • loadmodel


      The default CreatAppObjectsPublishedApp security rule also mentions:

      • userstate


      I can guess what most of these do but not all of them are clear. I am also looking for which one relates to being able to select fields when creating sheets. I would like to restrict this to only dimensions and measures for non-owners but at the moment it is not clear how to do this.