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    Sharepoint ids on qlikview

    Wenceslao Noriega

      Hi people, i'm connecting qlikview to a Sharepoint using Qlikview REST connector. I'm getting all the data OK, but in some fields that I want the VALUE, I just get the ID. Is there a way to reach to the value or I will have to ask to the client a specific list of the master table with ID +  VALUES?

      For example. I'm getting a list with for eg. SALES where I get.


      Table SALES

      Fields: salesPersonID, Qty

      Values: 1                   , 89

      Values: 2                   . 100


      And I'm needing the NAME of the sales person, not the ID...


      So, again... is there I way I can manage to reach to the name of the salesPerson using the same list (using qv rest connector)?


      Thanks in advance.