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    Cassandra ver 3.0 to Qliksense 3.1.4 connection issue

    Udit Kumar Sanadhya

      Hi all,


      We are facing major issue in establishing connection of Qliksense 3.1.4 to Cassandra 3.0.


      The odbc connection works successfully while creating System DSN.


      Also the Qliksense is able to establish the connection ,but the reply from connector fails on fetching data.


      Please find the attached screenshot for the same.


      We are able to connect and fetch data from Cassandra lower version 2.,but not with Cassandra latest version 3.0 ??


      We tried using JDBC too, but Qliksense 3.1 ver does not support JDBC connection.


      Is there any other way.


      Please kindly guide.


      Thanks & Regards,