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    Filter data based off selection in a table

    Shilpi Kanade

      Hi -


      I have a table which I can filter using the filter pane. I have another table and I want to filter data in the second table based off the selection in the first table. How do I do that?


      For eg Table 1:                                Table 2:


      1/1/2016                                             1/5/2016

      2/1/2016                                              5/5/2016   

      3/1/2016                                                2/15/2016




      And I want to show all the rows that have data greater than the selection from table 1.


      So if I select 2/1/2016 from table 1, table 2 data should filter to 5/5/2016 and 2/15/2016.


      Thanks, Shilpi