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    How to export/duplicate an app containing all connected app-objects?

    Bram de Kort

      Hi all,


      Today I experienced the following case: I wanted to update a published app, so I made a back-up (export) of the app first and then duplicated the published app. Then I started to work on the duplicated app in my personal stream. After I was done with the modifications, I wanted to republish the app. So far so good. Then I discovered that the duplicated nor the exported (back-up) app didn't contain the bookmarks, stories and (unapproved) sheets anymore other (end) users had contributed while the app was published.


      Is there a way to preserve the unpublished app-objects when working on an app update? I have thought about letting them duplicate the entire app so that they can modify it in their personal stream, but then it would not be updated by a task which the published app has.So this is not really a solution.


      I'm looking forward to your ideas on this matter!


      Thanks in advance!