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    Creating a balance sheet hierarchy based on an excel file

    Mats Schlünder

      Hello everyone,


      I am currently analyzing SAP data where I have to recreate the

      structure of a balance sheet in QlikView.


      I basically have to tell QlikView to add up multiple smaller (sub)
      accounts which are part of a hierachy.


      Here is an example:


      The account ,brand names' (1010) is a sub account of

      ,other tangible assets' (1000).


      The account ,brand names' (1010) has the sub accounts

      ,brand names / definite life' (1011) and ,brand names / indefinite life' (1012).

      The data in excel is structured like this:










      As you can see, every level of the hierarchy has its own column in excel.


      Is there a way to let QlikView automatically add up all of the sub accounts per level so that I

      can recreate the balance sheet and still be able to drill down to the sub accounts?


      Thanks in advance for any input or thoughts you may have.


      Best regards,