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    Compare text strings from 2 different tables and return value from table 2

    Anat Dagan


      I have 2 tables with texts strings and i am trying to compare / find matches between the 2 in order to retrieve additional data that relates to one of them.


      Table1 has 2 columns: id, TitleKeyword

      Each ID has more than one TitleKeyword entry.


      Table2 includes 2 columns: Keywords, EtsySearchResults.


      I want to build a simple table that includes the 2 columns from table 1 + a third column that returns EtsySearchResults value whenever TItleKeyword=Keywords.


      I tried using this IF statement:


      If(TitleKeyword=keywords,Sum(EtsySearchResults),'No Data')


      But oddly it only returns a value if I filter on the Keyword term.


      For example, if i filter on  Keyword black tote bag on table 2, i get the search results on table 1 (see below):



      If i release the filter, the third column in table 1 says "No Data" (see below)


      Why is that?

      How do I get the EtsySearchResults to show against each TitleKeyword that has an equivalent keyword on table 2?