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    Data Retrieving issue from oracle

    suresh m

      Hi Team,


      I am using odbc connector package for retriving data from oracle.

      The data load started successfully, the load is not finished it showing Data Load Progress and it is strucked at specific no of rows.

      I did many iterations but it still hanging on same no of rows,


      Please suggest an solution,also Plz find the attachment for better understanding.

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          Vineeth Pujari

          Ask your DBA team for any restrictions they have placed for user queries/ row limitations or RAM usage limitations


          how long have you waited for the load to finish? have you waited longer than 7 mins?? i would suggest waiting more longer and see what happens, It should probably return an error message which you can google later or take a snapshot and reach out the dba team.

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            Petter Skjolden

            How many rows do you expect to get. Has it retrieved all the rows that the Oracle SELECT statement would give you if you ran it in SQL*PLUS or some other Oracle compatible SQL query tool?


            I 409,565 is indeed what this query returns as total rows it might seem that the load script is stuck at building the associations. If the associations are "messy" - i.e. if there are several synthetic keys that needs to be made you can run into the unfortunate situation that it gets too complex. Qlik might run out of memory or take an extraordinarily long time to evaluate/calculate all the associations.


            Have a look at the fields that will be made and whether this will create synthetic keys at all? If you move the part that loads from Oracle to the very beginning of your load script and immediately after put in the statement:


                 EXIT SCRIPT


            And just see if that works without problems you have determined whether the load is failing or not on it's own. This is just temporary to debug and determine cause of course.

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              suresh m


              i waited for about 10hrs no result,

              while fetching data with some filter on year throwing error like below

              Error: QVX_PIPE_ERROR: Not a legal OleAut date.