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    Help getting a count of unique items sold by year

    Teresa Jenkins

      I have data like the below in which i want to create a chart that will show me how many distinct items sold per customer name.  So in the example below, Customer ABC sold 2 distinct items.  Once that is done, i want to show how many customers sold 1 unique item, how many customers sold 2 unique items and how many customers sold 3 or more unique items.

      How would I accomplish this.

      Year     Customer Name Item sold
      2014      abc           AA
      2014      abc           BB
      2014      abc           BB

      2014      def           AA

      2014      ghi           CC
      2014      ghi           AA
      2014      ghi           BB

      2014   jkl  AA

      2014   mno  BB
      2014   mno  CC
      2014   mno  AA 

      Customers who sold 1 unique item = 2
      Customers who sold 2 unique items = 1
      Customers who sold 3 or more unique items = 2