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    Last X Periods from Transformed Field

    Dave Melillo

      I am trying to just get the latest 3 months/quarters/years to display in a chart. The set analysis I am using is below


      = avg({< [Lead Stage] = {'Prospect','Suspect',''}, MonthName([Lead Create Date]) = {'>= Max(MonthName([Lead Create Date]) -3' }>}Today() - [Lead Create Date])


      It seems like the issue is that I am using the MonthName() function. Does anyone have any hints on how to handle this?


      Thank you,


      - dave

        • Re: Last X Periods from Transformed Field
          Sunny Talwar

          Yes you are right. QlikView's expression doesn't allow for you to use functions on the LHS of a set modifier..... You can try like this:


          =Avg({<[Lead Stage] = {'Prospect','Suspect',''}, [Lead Create Date] = {"=MonthName([Lead Create Date]) >= MonthName(AddMonths(Max(TOTAL [Lead Create Date]), -3))"}>}Today() - [Lead Create Date])


          or create a new field in the script (avoid using MonthName and use MonthStart with date format)


          LOAD [Lead Create Date],

                    Date(MonthStart([Lead Create Date]), 'MMM-YYYY')) as MonthYear


          FROM ....;


          and then this

          =Avg({<[Lead Stage] = {'Prospect','Suspect',''}, MonthYear = {"$(='>=' & Date(MonthStart(Max(MonthYear), -3), 'MMM-YYYY'))"}>}Today() - [Lead Create Date])