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    Model attributes not correctly filtering/aggregating against


      Hello all. I've just started using Qlikview and I am now required to complete an application that was partway through development. Having had a play with the capabilities I tried to setup a pie chart which would show the total number of delivery records by company name (see attached model). As far as I can tell this should be straight forward however on instead of showing a breakdown of deliveries by Company Name on my report I just get one count of all the deliveries. It is as if the data isn't linked up correctly. If I add a pie chart for delivery count by person_key it breaks down as expected - assumingly because person_key is an attribute of the delivery table. Also if I add list objects for the person and company entities and then try to filter on any or all items in those lists my delivery by person_key pie chart breaks down and I get one single count of all records again.

      Does anyone have suggestions as to what the problem with my model/report is?


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