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    Installing a COLD STANDBY SERVER

    Sanchayan Bhowmik

      Can anyone help me out or provide me with a proper documentation on Installing a Cold Standby Server?


      I know that a standby server shares the same license that of the active server, so the services on the standby server are not started and jumps in when the active server fails due to some reason.


      But except this information I want to know that how is the standby server able to jump in when the active server fails? What are the settings that has to be done and whether the standby server is present in the cluster of the active servers?


      Trying to get this information since some time, it will be of great help.



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          Peter Cammaert

          I think this is more a question for a network architecture specialist. The fact is that QlikView offers live "failover" (if you can call load balancing that) behavior, but not cold standby features. There is no place in the QlikView software where starting servers/services can be configured. That sort of system & service management should happen outside of the software itself. And IMHO that's also a logical decision as the imaginary QlikView software that would be responsible for managing service availability could go down together with the other QlikView services...


          Since QlikView offers no explicit tfeatures for integrating in a failsafe environment, it might be best to configure an identical copy of a current QlikView server/cluster node (down to the network configuration and all), and use some external monitoring software that checks for service availability and boots up a cold stanby server after shutting down a failing one, or simply boots up a cold standby server when the original one suddenly disappears from the network...


          Just an idea.