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    Sense Desktop -102 on start

    Ron Dunn

      What changed in the latest update?


      I installed the latest update on my computer, and starting Qlik Sense Desktop gives an error message "

      Could not Reach http://localhost:4848/hub with error (-102)."


      I've tried connecting to the address with a browser, and I get a blank screen.


      If I point a browser to http://nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn:4848/hub", where the ns represent my IP address, I get a Sense page overlayed with a dialog that says "Internal Error".


      I've read the forum, I can't use suggestions like unchecking boxes in the network connection settings, because they're controlled by group policy.


      Qlik Sense used to work on this machine. I can't be sure of the previous version, but it was greater than 3.0.