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    Count Values Over Target based on Average Scores



      I currently have a basic table with a list of employees as the dimension and their average Quality Score %s as the expression - this is comprised of the average of their monthly scores for the past 2 years.

      Alongside this, the requirement is to state as a figure how many employees are above target (80%), how many are below, and ultimately what percentage of employees fall either side.

      I can work out how to do this for any month in isolation by buiding separate columns into the scripting for above/below and presenting this as a simple Count in a gauge chart or text box. The issue that I have is that the data that I want to display can be presented as an average over any selection of months. I want the figures for above/below target to reflect any position of that employee when their Quality Score is averaged over any date selection. Curriently, whichever way I try to express this, it seems to be looking at the comprising months and counting if the employee was above or below in any of those months rather than viewing the average expression as the set of data to count from.

      Any help on this would be greatly appreciated as I need to do similar with most of my data!