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    Aggregating breaks searching in filter pane?

    Vic van Cooten



      I'm an intermediate Qlik user. I have been rebuilding our existing dashboard with some new insights and think I may have encountered a bug. Either that, or my logic is flawed. Help would be appreciated.


      I've built a filter pane that displays customer names. In the past this would show duplicates if a customer changed it's name. I've solved this by aggregating on customer number. Something like:


      Aggr({$<Year={$(=thisYear)}>} Mode(CustomerName),CustomerNumber)


      The statement itself works perfectly. I now see the version of the name that occurs the most within the current selection, but now the search functionality of the pane breaks. When I click on a company name, it filters by company number.


      Now that's not that big a problem (I'd prefer it if it showed the name, but the result is the same). However, search is actually broken. I cannot search for the company name, nor the company number. As soon as I type anything, it just hides everything, even when I literally type 100202 from the screenshot above.




      Is this a (known) bug, or am I just thinking the wrong way?


      Update: video demonstrating the behaviour


      Updated to add video

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          Vineeth Pujari

          no it's not a bug


          Aggr({$<Year={$(=thisYear)}>} only(CustomerName),CustomerName)

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              Vic van Cooten

              Cheers, the update works, but the filter pane still behaves weirdly. I've switched browser to confirm it isn't just my browser acting up.


              Behaviour (with this formula)

              1. Searching within filter pane is impossible

              2. As soon as I filter something, all other options in filter pane disappear (making it impossible to select multiple)

              3. When I click to deselect the green selected option, it doesn't deselect, but it does show the other options again.


              I could try to make a video, but all my customer names would be in it, so that's a bit tricky. Let me know if anything is unclear.

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              Luca Ganugi

              I've got the same issue.

              Using a conditional filter,  i was removing the unrelated value from a list. This worked since Sense 3.0.


              With 3.1 this workaround doesn't work anymore. It's behaviour is similar to vicvancooten's one.


              vuoto.JPG when i click into the field i got no values...


              allargato.JPG if i open the filter in the canvas i can see some values...


              aperto.JPG  if i full screen the filter with the top right button i can see the values...



              This formula worked before Sense 3.1. It groupby the sum of some values by Ordine_produzione, and, if this values is >0, show me this Ordine_produzione, otherwise null.


              It was very simple to implement, but now is completely useless.