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    INPUTFIELD: Date changes to Number via Chrome



      Has anybody seen\have an answer to this issue?


      I am looking to use:


      INPUTFIELD [Start Date];


      To allow a field to be used for input\change the value.


      On my local client everything is fine and the with something like:


           Start Date     04/01/2017


      When I view the same field via Chrome (I have not tried other web browsers) I get a number, something like:


           Start Date     42740



      As I am just testing out something the load script is fairly basic, with the data relating to this being:


      INPUTFIELD [Start Date];

      INPUTFIELD [Maturity Date];



      LOAD Text([Trade Reference]) AS [Trade Reference],




        DATE([Start Date]) AS [Start Date],

        DATE([Maturity Date]) AS [Maturity Date],

        [Volume USD],

        [Mark Up USD];

      LOAD * INLINE [

        Trade Reference, Product, Book, Client, Start Date, Maturity Date, Volume USD, Mark Up USD

        123456, FX Forward USD EUR, FX Spot G10, Test Client, 01/01/2017, 02/02/2017, "10,000,000", 3000

        123457, FX Forward USD GBP, FX Spot G10, Test Client, 02/01/2017, 02/06/2017, "2,000,000", 0

        123458, FX Forward USD JPY, FX Spot G10, Test Client, 03/01/2017, 04/04/2017, "30,000,000,000", 0

        123459, FX Forward USD CHF, FX Spot G10, Test Client, 04/01/2017, 01/09/2017, "50,000,000", 1500


      Has anybody seen this before, or is it me??? Any suggestions welcomed,