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    Count of symbols in one field?

    Vasiliy Beshentsev

      Hello, everyone today!


      I have a problem with loadind log file.

      So first of all i have a big log file, about 4 mb.

      It's got more than 16000 rows in.


      2017-01-23 14_47_27-Qlik Sense Desktop.png

      I'm loadind data like this, 16000+ rows in one field.

      2017-01-23 14_54_47-Qlik Sense Desktop.png


      I'm already write handler for this 1 row.

      So here is my question: WHY QLIK SENSE CUTTING MY FILE?!

      It's not full load of my file! I'm write that 1 record is 16000+ lines but after loadind it's NOT!

      How i get the point? Take a closer look.

      My last record after working handle is

      2017-01-23 15_01_12-Qlik Sense Desktop.png

      Let's take a look where is this record in file in NOTEPAD:

      2017-01-23 15_03_36-.png

      Why it's not full load of file?