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    Indented Hierarchy List Extension for Qlik Sense

    Sean Bruton



      I am busy moving all my old solutions to Qlik Sense and have a report which is written in SSRS 2016 Mobile Reports.

      The challenge that I am Having is that the filter or table list does not have an indented hierarchy.


      So basically the it need to look like this:

      Person A

           Area 1

           Area 2

           Area 3

      Person B

           Area 4

           Area 5

      Person C

           Area 6


      The way it works is that if Person A is selected, the data also shows Area 1, Area 2 and Area 3 and the dashboard reflects it that way.

      Then with the further dimensions of the dashboard they can get further insight.

      If then Person A only wishes to look a Area 1 in there portfolio then that only select Area 1 or deselect Area 2 and Area 3.


      This will be great if someone with free time can help. The current out of the box  List Filter confuses everyone as it does not group well.

      One last thing I don't need the list to open and hide it must be statically open.


      Many Thanks