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    NPrinting 16.5 / 17.2.x question: how to filter Excel Pivot Table contents by page based on Page object...

    Jose Diaz



      I am having problems filtering the contents of an Excel Pivot Table generated by NP using a Page Object (QV field).   Te source QVW is the sample SalesDemo.qvw that comes in the attachment of NPrinting 16 Training & Installation/Upgrade Information.


      An image of the Excel template I am using is included bellow:



      The Shipper field contains just three values: "Quik Shipping", "SafeAndFast" and "World Wide Transports".  Notice that the Shipper field is not used within the pivot table - even though it is part of the original QV chart and NP source data Table (I added it to the original chart object in QV - CH267).  In any case, adding the Shipper field to the pivot table doesn't affect the results shown bellow:

      Quik Shipping.PNG




      As can be seen above, while the Page object creates worksheets corresponding to the values of the Shipper field, the actual contents of the pivot table appearing within each worksheet are not filtered by these values.  Instead, the resulting values are what one would get when no filter is applied.


      I have tried this in both NP 16.5 & 17.2.2, but the results are the same.  I have also tried making a Level object based on the Shipper field - to try to get three pivot tables in a single tab; but that doesn't work either.


      Isn't this functionality supported in NP's Excel reports? If so, what am I doing wrong?