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    Loading HL7 CCD (Continuity of Care Document) files into Qlik Sense

    Mitchell Suing

      Hello everyone,


      My team and I are currently testing Qlik Sense functionality for a project that will require our data source to come in the form of CCD files. Upon our initial attempts we noticed that Qlik Sense recognizes the CCD file as XML (which is a good start since the file is an XML file) and that it is parsing data through the unique XML tag hierarchies. Reviewing the "Data Load Editor" screen, we came to find that even the load script would require a lot of editing and aliasing to organize the data. Furthermore the "tables" of data within the CCD file were not imported in one piece and were imported into several different Qlik tables.


      Given this, our curiosity saw us changing the Qlik Sense load File Format to HTML. Upon this change, we saw a large chunk of our data formatted correctly and in unified tables as the HTML script from the file would have them formatted. The drawback with using the HTML format is that there are specific Patient and File Author data that are only located within the XML. A workaround would be to do partial HTML and XML loads for the proper pieces of information, but it doesn't seem like the cleanest practice.


      Ultimately, we are here wondering if anyone has experience using HL7 CCD files as a data source in Qlik. If so, what is the best practice for importing and extracting the data into a clean format with proper tables and keys to join the tables on?


      Thank you so much!