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    Issue with color

      Hi all,

      I have a special issue that I can't figure out.

      Look at the app in attachment where I display a scatter chart with various color.

      I see the upper bubble (Saint Pierre des Corps) in grey although my colleagues see it in green. To get the color I have a background expression

      =if( [Indicateur performance] = 'Sur-performant' , color(1) ,
      if( [Indicateur performance] = 'Moyenne' , color(2) , color(3)))

      In what color do you see this bubble ?

      Maybe the issue deals with the release

      I use QV 9.00.7469.8 SR4

      They use QV 9.00.7119.4

      I suspect it was a corrected bug.

      All your help is welcome. Thanks in advance