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    Integration of a Mashup on a public website

    Rima Hajou

      Hello all,

      I am trying to upload a mashup on my website, I didn't find any useful step-by-step tutorial to do this.

      Actually my Qlik sense server is running on a Windows 7 desktop (running as a server) with a public IP and no SSL certificate ( HTTP and not HTTPS).

      Also I can access this server using its public ip http://<public ip>/hub/ and access the dashboards I am authorized to see.

      However my website (where I want to publish the mashup) is built on Wix platform where I can integrate a piece of code or the link to the mashup ( and thus to the server).

      I saw this tutorial Qlik - Publish mashup on IIS - YouTube

      But I didn't know how to integrate the mashup to a wix, if anyone knows what are the modifications and additional steps to make to the steps above so I can integrate my mashup.

      Thanks in advance,