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    Remove character from a loading table

    Nicolò Cogno

      Hi everybody,


      I'm trying to load a table that is made in this way:


      Location codeProduct code



      My data are different, but it's just to give you an idea and I've got 400k records in my table. The Product code field can have 7-8-9-10 characters and I would like to remove the last character when I load the table only if it is a '0' and only if it has a Location code equal to 1 or equal to 2 or equal to 3. Product codes can also have 0 in the middle, but I'd like to remove them only if they are at the end of the code.

      So if I have got a Product Code like 1234567890 and it's location code is 1 or it's 2 or it's 3 I would like to load it as 123456789.


      Thanks a lot for your help and for your attention!!!


      Best regards


      Nicolò Cogno


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