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    Qlik Sense load for a very very long time - why?

    s Walter



      i load a csv file, it has about 150000 rows and 25 Columns, it has about 37 MB. Last time i load a csv file wich has 750 MB.


      In both cases:

      If i load the file for the first time it was very quickly. I create a dashboard with a table wich shows all data from the csv file.

      If i load the data again, Qlik Sense loads very very long. I can´t do anything with my pc for about 30 minutes.


      What could be the reason and how can i optimize it?


      I use:

      • Qlik Sense Desktop
      • Windows 10 64 Bit
      • Intel i7-2600 CPU 3,40 GHz
      • 6 GB Ram (i think it could be more, but is this the reason?)
      • 158 GB free disc space