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    Cal Data.pgo

    Ali Hijazi


      we are facing the following issue:

      every other month when we open the management console we find that all document CALs disappear along with the Named Cals

      we get 0 CALS allocated on all documents


      to resolve this issue

      we replace the CAL data .pgo file by a copy of it from the backup

      so my question what might cause this to re-occur

      it is like the CALdata.pgo get correupted

      please advise

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          Marcus Sommer

          I couldn't say what is the reason for this behaviour but maybe you could compare the new corrupted one with the older working one if you enabled the extra output of these files as xml within the settings.ini - see here what is meant: Re: Error in QMC " EntLicenses.Properties.calInfo.AssignedList.AddAssignedUsers "


          - Marcus

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            Chip Matejowsky

            If the QVS cannot communicate with the CalData.pgo file for even a brief period of time (measured in milliseconds), the .pgo file will recreate itiself. When this is done, any info previously contained in the .pgo file is reset and therefore lost. Typically, the most common reason for the communication interruption between the QVS and .pgo file is due to a file lock placed on the .pgo file by another application. Check to see if there are any anti-virus (or other system scanning applications) running on the same server as QVS and explicitly exclude all QlikTech/QlikView directories and filetypes - .qvw, .qvd, .pgo, .shared, .meta, etc.


            Hope this helps


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              Anton Aleksandrov

              We had a similar problem.
              We removed all pgo files from the disk and it solved the problem.
              (Use the search *.pgo files in windows explorer)