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    Sales today expression set-analysis

    Mike Slottje

      Hi guys,


      I want to show the sales for the current day/month/quarter/year. In this example, sales is called [Nett Amount].


      The following expression in set-analysis works (i.e.) for sales per day:

      Sum({1<InvoiceYear={'2017'}, InvoiceDate={'2-1-2017'}>}[Nett Amount])


      To make sure that this expression will also be working in the other months/years, I tried for example this expression for my daily sales:

      Sum({$<InvoiceDate = {"$(=Date(Today(), 'DD/MM/YYYY'))"}>} [Nett Amount])


      This expression is only giving me 0 values.

      Could you guys help me out with this one?


      Thanks in advance!:)